2017 Kidding Dates

February 22- Beryllium

March 1- Flyer, Ruthenium, Tantalum, Alma Regina,

               Hermione, Laney

          2- Victoria 

          3- Carmal, Frapaccino, and Nuclear Physics

          9- Merome

         22- Reya, Sophie, and Rita

         30- Lillian

         31- Windsong, Merida


         10- Arizona, Mary, Martha

         11- Dance

         12- Razzberry

         13- Leona

         17- Mina

​May 2 - ChocoChip 

​Watching a baby come into this world is an amazing experience!  We invite you to join us in this wonderful experience.


We breed award-winning dairy goats and we are very active in 4-H.  We work with numerous kids from town and provide them with a goat to care for and the opportunity to show that goat at county fair and other shows.   Part of their 4-H experience is working on the farm and being there to help their goat deliver a baby.  Many of our guests over the years have joined us in the barn too.  Some frequently asked questions are “When are babies going to be born?”,  “Can I watch?”, “Will you wake us up if it happens in the middle of the night?”, “Can I help?”    YES, YOU CAN!  The goats usually kid around 150 days gestation, and since we know when our goats were bred, we can estimate their due dates within about 5 days.   The chart below has confirmed pregnancies and approximate due dates.  Remember, they can kid (that’s what it’s called) anytime 5 days before or 5 days after!  It keeps us on our toes!​

​We are currently breeding for 2018.  Stay tuned for dates!