2023 Kidding Dates


Remember, even if you don't want to see a kid born, there are plenty of kids to snuggle with for months!

​February 25 - Iridium and Liberty

​February 27- Dove and Whirlpool

March 5- Nellie, Seaborgium, and Cascade

March 7- Moonlight, Citrus and Flora

​March 9 - Getty

​March 29- Tango

​April 3 - Cleo


All of these pregnancies have been confirmed by ultrasound.

Kids may be born up to 5 days on either side of their kidding date.

​Watching a baby come into this world is an amazing experience!  We invite you to join us in this wonderful experience!

We breed award-winning dairy goats and we are very active in 4-H.  We work with numerous kids from town and provide them with a goat to care for and the opportunity to show that goat at county fair and other shows.   Part of their 4-H experience is working on the farm and being there to help their goat deliver a baby.  We let the more experienced 4-Her's take control of their goats kidding, so please allow them to have that learning opportunity. Many of our guests over the years have joined us in the barn too.  Some frequently asked questions are “When are babies going to be born?”,  “Can I watch?”, “Will you wake us up if it happens in the middle of the night?”, “Can I help?”    YES, YOU CAN!  The goats usually kid around 150 days gestation, and since we know when our goats were bred, we can estimate their due dates within about 5 days.   The chart below has confirmed pregnancies and approximate due dates. 
Remember, they can kid (that’s what it’s called) anytime 5 days before or 5 days after!  It keeps us on our toes!​

We want to keep you, your family, and our animals safe, so washing your hands with soap and water after handling the animals is a must.

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