These rules have been put in place to protect the safety of all participating children, staff, and animals.  These rules will help us safely enjoy the farm, learn, and have fun.  Please review these with your child prior to arrival at Rainbow Ridge Farm Camp.

*Hand washing is very important for both human and animal health.  Hands must be washed after animal contact.

*Always stay with your group.  Children attending Rainbow Ridge Farm Camp are not allowed to be in the barn unattended.  Even if the student chooses not to participate in the activity or lesson, they must remain with their group and counselor.

*Respect all animals, the environment, fellow students and staff, and farm property.

*Ask permission before going into animal pens.

*Help keep the farm clean.  Please make sure your trash finds the garbage can, recycling bin, or compost bucket.

*Please leave electronic toys, music, smartwatches and cell phones at home so that your child can fully embrace the farm experience and summer farm camp activities.  

​*  If your child is unable to attend the full week due to illness or other commitments, we are not able to reschedule or refund the missed time.   Refunds for illness will be considered on an individual basis.

Summer Camp Activities

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